The Many Myths And Lies Of Muslims


It is unfortunate that Barack Hussein Obama and his sycophantic news and print media seems to have ignored the historical and factual Islam altogether. Instead, we are bombarded with statements such as:

  1. “Islam is a religion of peace.”

  2. “Some evil people have hijacked Islam for their own benefits.”

  3. “Islam encourages brotherhood, coexistence and mutual understanding among all human beings”, etc.

Also, Muslims and Islamic apologists are busier than ever in proclaiming that Islam is a religion of peace and Muhammad is the best ‘role model’. Of course, their claims are rubbish.

What Islamists are trying to accomplish is forward the idea that there is somehow an Islam that is moderate, enlightened, peaceful and brotherly. They call it the ‘moderate Islam’. Now, manifestly, and as shown in the preceding sections, all such notions about Islam are utterly false.

But how come Islamic apologists can lie so blatantly and unabashedly about Islam. How is it possible that they construe Islam in such a diametrically different manner than what it actually is?

There are a number of reasons:

  1. Muslim apologists lie. They do taqiyaah.

  2. They are themselves somehow deluded about the real nature of Islam.

  3. Islamists are well aware that when a lie if repeated often enough, it can turn into a truth. They are also well aware that, in order to promote their religion, they are allowed to use any means necessary that includes propagandizing the notion of a peaceful and moderate Islam.

  4. The Muslim apologists, who came to the West, have accepted many of the liberal and democratic values and sociocultural norms of the West, and they conceive Islam form a uniquely Western perspective. In other words, they themselves have become adulterated with Western ethos and values. This adulteration in turn gets mixed with their conception of what Islam is. And this gives rise to their misplaced notion of ‘moderate Islam’ and belief in the notion of ‘moderate Islam’.

The Correct Approach to the Debate of  Real  and Moderate Islam

Although it’s not completely wrong to use the term ‘real Islam’ as the term stresses the importance of going to the source of Islamic theology (and that is the Quran and the life of Muhammad.) However, it would be better simply to call Islam Islam; nothing more, nothing less. And by Islam, it is to be understood that it is a manifestation of the Quran and Muhammad.

On the other hand, there is no such thing as ‘moderate Islam’. There is just Islam. Islam is inherently not moderate as shown in the previous sections. Islam is a dogma that strives to perpetuate itself through war, terror and subjugation. Islam, when established within a society, becomes the law and encompasses every aspect of the society. And an Islamic society like that of Pakistan, Iran etc. are not moderate in any manner or form. The routine killing, lynching, and burning of blasphemers (in case of Pakistan) are a small example of how Islamic societies actually operate.

‘Moderate Islam’ is a deluded concept concocted by Islamists to fool the masses. There is no moderation in Islam. There is just Islam in Islam.

What Must Be Done?

Islamists are busy fooling the masses with their rhetoric of a peaceful and moderate Islam. Their attempts should be exposed and stalled. Islam must not be given any chance to be accepted as ‘just another religion’. We, the atheists and anti-islamists must defeat this notion of moderate Islam. The fallacy of the concept of Islam being moderate can be very easy and conveniently exposed by simply stating the historical and Quranic facts. It’s very important that ex-Muslims, anti-islamists, Christians, Jews and atheists squarely challenge this false notion of “moderate Islam”.